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Entry 3 (Game Date Feb. 19, 2006 and Feb 26, 2006)

Yesterday we ran afoul of our first signs of trouble since we started this journey. It was, in fact, so horrific that I have questioned whether I should suffer to write it down. However, it is important to me that the story of this adventure remain intact. I am beginning to become very good friends with my companions, and I wish to have a complete record to remember my time with them.

It all started with bumps in the night. Sauda, Ghazkar and Rana’sul reported to us one morning that they had heard strange moaning noises that started after nightfall, and ended with the coming of dawn. They said it sounded like some sort of large sea creature, and that it seemed to be far enough away that we shouldn’t have to worry about it. After the second night of noises, I noticed something floating in the water. It was a large piece of wood, appearing to be part of a ship. Our suspicions were confirmed when we came across a mast floating ahead of us. We worried that the crew of the ship may still be alive and needing help, but a thick fog set in and we dropped anchor to wait for it to clear.

We began to speculate on whether the ship had been attacked by pirates, or crashed into some rocks that were difficult to see in the fog. The thought of the noises heard in the night made me wonder if there wasn’t some creature of legend roaming these seas. Perhaps that was why there were no known boats on our island. Perhaps any who had tried to sail close got destroyed as they passed through the beast’s territory.

Our lanterns did nothing to cut through the fog, and my heart sank as I inferred that it must have been created through magical means. We could hear groaning noises from the sea, as pieces of shipwreck ran along the side of our boat. The fog showed no signs of clearing, and so we decided to keep moving. Through the fog I could make out a shadow of a boat in the distance. We headed for it, and soon were alongside it.

I ran down below deck to fetch some rope to hold the boats together while we investigated the other ship. Before we could tie it on, however, we saw movement on the other vessel, which looked none too friendly. Seeing what appeared to be walking skeletons and corpses, we readied our weapons for battle.

The first wave of attackers jumped across, grabbing the side of our boat, and began to climb up. We were handling them fairly easily when Sauda started to scream something about us being surrounded by many ships full of enemies. He yelled at the boat to move, but it just groaned against the pull of an unseen anchor. He then tied the rope around his waist and dived over the edge of the boat.

That left five of us remaining to destroy the abominations. I remember at the moment being upset at the elf for leaving the fight like a coward, but it turned out that he may have saved our skins in the end. We cut through the rest of the walking bodies, but not without harm. We needed time to rest, but we weren’t given it. A voice yelled at us to surrender from the other boat, and looking up we saw a figure dressed in dark black robes. He had another horde of minions with him that he started to send our way.

Before they could jump across to our ship, Rana’sul cleverly cast a grease spell on their railing, causing most of them to slip into the water, buying us a little extra time. The battle from there on out was quite gruesome. Rana floated in the air by the mast and continued to fire bolts at the Dark Cleric, trying to keep him distracted. His minions weren’t the smartest creatures, but their great numbers did overwhelm us. This, combined with the Cleric’s Spiritual Weapon, caused us to suffer a lot of damage.

I was forced to put away my weapons and serve in my role as healer. It’s a good thing we decided to purchase that wand, for it saw much use in this battle. Just as I was healing RenVan, Newell collapsed on the ground as his wounds over took him. I raced to his side and healed him, bringing him back into the fight. I then tried to get over to Ghazkar, who was surrounded by half of the creatures. On the way there I touched the wand to RenVan again, and then had to dodge aside as the large orc came running past me and collapsed on the far side of the deck from fatigue. At the same moment Newell fell for a second time. I thought we were doomed. Just then, Sauda emerged form the waters and healed Newell back to life, allowing me to run to Ghazkar’s side. Sauda then jumped back into the water, yelling something about only one more hook.

The five of us finished off the rest of the minions, and RenVan grabbed the controls of the ship, waiting to hear from Sauda. Magic filled the entire deck of the ship with darkness, and we stood waiting to see what the Dark Cleric would do next. Just then Sauda shouted from below for us to move, and the ship took off. We cleared the darkness to be surrounded again by the magic fog. It appears that the other ship made no move to follow us.

Newell spoke aloud what some of us were silently pondering; “We will see him again.”

Sauda took control of the ship again, and set our bearing to the West. We travel on once again. I can’t help but feel in the pit of my stomach that perhaps Newell was right. Perhaps we will see him again.
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