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Telanios sat in the grassy opening in the midst of the jungle, the noon time sun warming his face. He stared intently at the stone in front of him, barely visible in the tall grass. He didn’t notice the sounds of the rushing waters, or the noise made by the many birds in the canopy above. Draped over his shoulder, a slender viper kept his neck cool.

He stared at the stone, reflecting on the events that had brought him to this place. It started a long time ago with a war, and a hastily planned escape.

His mother had been one of those refugees. From what his father had told him, she had lived in a large magnificent city, where she held some sort of seat in government, his father was never clear on what specifically. She lived there with her husband for nearly a hundred years, before that fateful day came.

He didn’t like to think about the attack, the horrible fate that befell his mother’s husband, how she was left alone and scared, how she barely escaped on that boat with the other refugees. He skipped through that part in his mind.

After losing her husband, his mother didn’t think she could ever fall in love again. The small number of single elven men in the refugee camp made that even clearer. For more than a hundred years she lived in solitude, empty inside, until one day, by chance she met a man. A human man. No one knew what attracted her to him, maybe it was just the fact that he gave her attention, but she took comfort in his company, and before too long they were married and she grew large with child.

Tragedy soon befell. The childbirth became difficult. Her husband, a very devout cleric, went to the church and prayed all night to his god. When the morning came, his prayers were unanswered. His wife was dead. His god had forsaken them.

Renouncing all religion, he buried his wife on a hilltop in a small clearing of the nearby jungle, rather than in the cemetery at the church. A single stone marked her final resting spot.

His father gave him an elven name, Telanios, to honor his dead mother. However, it wasn’t only Telanios’ name that showed he was elven. His soul seemed to be more elven than human, and as a result, his father had difficulty raising him. This was only accentuated by his father’s drinking habit that arose after losing his wife.

When Telanios was only eight, his father died after drinking too much and drowning in a river near town. There were many witnesses, but due to the swift current of the river, no one dared jump in to save him, and his body was pulled away and never recovered.

Growing up without parents was difficult, and Telanios faced more difficulties. Although there is a general feeling of acceptance of all races among the refugees, he was very strongly ostracized by the human and elven children, who would call him names like half-breed.

As a result, he spent a lot of his time alone, sitting in the grass where his mother was buried. He was very in tune with nature, and over time he studied and learned more, and felt more compelled to spend time in the woods rather than in the village. His father had raised him without any sort of religion, after what had happened to his mother. Having no allegiance to a deity, he soon began to worship nature, and the force that binds every living thing.

As he studied more, he reached a peaceful friendliness with many of the smaller animals that lived in the area, and even felt as though the trees were talking to him, though he could not yet understand them.

Telanios was now standing on the grass, above his mother’s headstone, a single tear streaming down his cheek. The land was calling him, asking him to act. He must venture out and learn as much about the world as he can, about nature and the power that binds all living things.
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