messener (messener) wrote in telanios_fetzin,

Entry 2

As we were leaving the small island in our new found ship, a voice called down to us to wait. Turning, we saw a figure like I had not seen before. He appeared human, but he had a tail. Sauda obviously recognized him, calling him “Flimsy,” and he joined our crew.

I later found out that his name is RenVan, and his tail is because he is what is known as a Tiefling, a being which has some demon’s blood. So, he’s more or less a half-breed like myself. And since his other half is demon, I can bet that he suffers even more discrimination than I have.

We decided we needed to stock up on supplies before we began what would undoubtedly be a long journey across the seas. We purchased a lot of food and provisions and other necessities. I only hope we remembered every little thing we might need. It would be awful to be stuck out on the ocean without some major item.

I spend most of my days sitting near the front of the ship, looking forward at the waters opening up before us. I have no reason to look back. I have left nothing behind. Even though I got sick on the fisherman’s small boat, I have not had any problems adjusting to sea life on this large ship. However, I don’t think Cyran has taken to it quite like I have. He stays below deck, coiled in a dark corner, and hisses sharply if anyone other than I approaches him. That snake and I have been through a lot, and I hope he eases in soon.

Other than that there isn’t much to tell yet. This first day of sailing seems quite smooth, and we have yet to see another ship.
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